North Texas Punt Returner Beguiles Arkansas With Elaborate Ruse; “Drat,” Exclaim Razorbacks

I know three things about North Texas football. One is that the official team name is the North Texas Mean Green, and another is that the school is “Mean” Joe Greene’s alma mater. The final North Texas fact I have committed to memory is that the team’s punt returner, Keegan Brewer, is a cool customer. I learned this one on Saturday during the Mean Green’s game against Arkansas, when Brewer pulled off a daring trick play for a touchdown.

In the first quarter, Brewer fielded an Arkansas punt at the North Texas ten-yard line. Due to his nonchalant body language in the face of onrushing special teams gunners, the Arkansas players assumed Brewer had signaled for a fair catch. It was a poor assumption, as he did no such thing. The ruse came into focus only after the Razorbacks started to head for the sideline, and Brewer sprinted 90 yards to the end zone to give the Mean Green a 14-0 lead.

It’s the kind of play teams can only run once, as opponents will be on the lookout for any future North Texas shenanigans. Or is that what they want you to think? Deception, thy name is Mean Green.