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Samantha Bee Wants Democrats to Stop Being Afraid of Fox News and Demand Universal Health Care

Samantha Bee is worried about the Democrats’ strategy for the upcoming midterm elections. You probably will be too, if you watch the campaign ad in which Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia advocates for better health care by loading bullets into a shotgun and blasting a “lawsuit on coverage of pre-existing conditions” into papery bits. “Oh fun! That’s also how they treat syphilis in West Virginia now,” Bee remarks, before wondering why the Dems can’t just step out from behind their hunting weapons and demand universal health care outright.

After all, Bee points out, around 45,000 deaths per year in the U.S. are linked to a lack of health insurance. “Let me put that in perspective. We’re making a space force, and the number of people who die from aliens every year is zero,” she said. Then she remembers: Democratic leaders are afraid of Fox News. Bee spends the second part of the segment refuting the scare tactics that Fox anchors use, including calling socialized medicine “class warfare” that will somehow lead to “a world of idiocy and no math.”

So will the Democratic Party put out a coherent stance before this November? As Bee puts it: “Democrats, I know you’re scared, but give the people what they want! It’s time you stopped being Charlie Brown missing the football and finally just fucking dunk on Lucy instead.”