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LeBron James, Ryan Coogler, Terence Nance, and Bugs Bunny Are Remaking Space Jam

Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny, looking unhappy.
Great news! Warner Bros.

On Wednesday, SpringHill Entertainment announced that it was remaking the 1996 Michael Jordan/Looney Tunes fiasco Space Jam, with the help of some of the greatest talents in film and basketball. LeBron James will star, Terence Nance will direct, Ryan Coogler will produce, and Bugs Bunny will reprise his legendary role as “Bugs Bunny.” The news came in a tweet:

Coogler just directed Black Panther; Nance just made Random Acts of Flyness, and LeBron James is LeBron James, which raises the question: Why did anyone except Bugs Bunny decide to spend their time and capital remaking a film in which Michael Jordan played basketball against aliens to save the Looney Tunes characters from being enslaved at an interstellar amusement park called Moron Mountain? You’d like to see a trailer of the original movie, you say? How about two trailers?

The biggest question raised by the Space Jam reboot, however, is what will become of the original Space Jam website, which has somehow survived, in all of its 1996-web-design glory, through more than two decades of changes to the Warner Bros. website. Please do not miss the chance to return to the days of frames, blinking GIF files, and, of course, “a list of some radio stations currently playing the first single from the Space Jam soundtrack, Seal – ‘Fly Like an Eagle.’ ” Coogler, Nance, James, and Bunny have earned the right to do whatever they want with their careers, even remake Space Jam. But if they come for the Space Jam website, expect protesters to chain themselves to the client-side image maps.