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In “Hall of Presidents” Sketch With Guest Stars Jon Hamm and Adam Scott, Sarah Silverman Keeps Trying to Love America

If Sarah Silverman’s Hulu show I Love You, America is her quest to reclaim her own patriotism, Thursday’s “Hall of Presidents” sketch is an example of how uncomfortable yet hilarious this process can be. The sketch’s numerous guest stars, including Jon Hamm as Abe Lincoln, Adam Scott as George Washington, Dan Stevens as James Garfield, and Jason Sudeikis as Nixon form a chorus of comedic voices and joke density that is laugh-out-loud funny.

As the presidential figures come to life Night at the Museum-style, Silverman, accompanied by some optimistic West Wing-y music, tries to appreciate the impact they’ve made on history only to realize that not only has every single one of them done something terrible, but that, “all the presidents of this great nation in one room” amount to “just an old gross sausage party.” “We’ve always been run by assholes,” Silverman reflects before a final shot of Hillary Clinton’s unused figurine still squirming inside its box.

This isn’t the first time Silverman has used both generous nuance and savage honesty to ask questions about her country. Previous episodes of I Love You, America featured monologues addressing the “War on Christmas” and the difference between nationalism and patriotism as well as interviews with self-titled “survivors of the abortion Holocaust” and an ex-member of the Westboro Baptist church.