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John Oliver Reads Facebook Insults to Prove a Point About Misinformation and Hate Speech

Facebook’s problems with misinformation and hate speech go well beyond the U.S. borders. Just look at Myanmar, where the social network is synonymous with “internet” and has been used to incite violence against Rohingya Muslims. It’s a heavy subject, but one that John Oliver tackled on Last Week Tonight, focusing specifically on the social network’s role in the genocide. “No one should be judged by the worst things people say about them on Facebook,” said Oliver. “If I were judged by that, you’d think I was a cuck twit, a prime example of why abortion should be more readily available, and that I look like a distressed bird in a pet shop trying desperately to get your attention.”

While Facebook has actually made progress fighting fake news at home since the 2016 presidential election, it’s been tougher overseas, especially when content reviewers don’t speak the local language. That hasn’t stopped Mark Zuckerberg from making inspirational commercials about “connecting the world,” so Oliver gave those ads a more accurate update—with a slogan to match.