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Watch Hillary Clinton Guest Star in Murphy Brown’s Revival Episode

After 20 years off air, the Murphy Brown revival premiered last night with an unexpected guest star: Hillary Clinton. Her appearance had been kept a secret, and the scenes in which she appeared had been excluded from advance screeners given to critics, with a note indicating a “special guest star scene” would be part of the first episode.

In the CBS series, created by Diane English, the former Secretary of State and First Lady played a woman with the same name, only hers was spelled with a single L. She was interviewing for a job at FYI, the fictional newsmagazine, as Murphy Brown’s secretary. Cameo Hilary noted that she is often confused with the 2016 Presidential candidate. And the two have other things in common, such as the pantsuits and experience as secretary of a “large organization.” During the interview, Brown asks about her technological knowledge, to which she replied, “I do have some experience with emails.”

At the end, Brown sends her off because she thinks Hilary is “over-qualified,” but keeps her business card that lists her email address as: Indeed, we could have—a reminder that feels especially poignant after yesterday’s hearings. But we can all take a bit of comfort in knowing that her Murphy Brown appearance is only the first of the season, as she will also have a cameo in the season 5 premiere of Madam Secretary.