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Jimmy Kimmel Follows Up With Emmys Proposer Glenn Weiss and His Fiancée

Jimmy Kimmel tracked down director Glenn Weiss and fiancée Jan Friedlander Svendsen after their Emmys engagement, which the Jimmy Kimmel Live host called the “emotional highlight of the night.” He finds the newly engaged couple in bed, celebrating with champagne. “I never guessed that the Emmy winner I’d be most interested in talking to after the show would be you,” he said. Everybody else is probably thinking the same thing.

Weiss hadn’t planned the proposal all that much, but following his mother’s passing, he said he “got a little more perspective in life.” About a week or two ago it had become clear he wanted to propose. What would’ve happened if he hadn’t won the Emmy? The proposal would’ve happened at some point, but “this was an opportunity that presented itself,” he said. He was lucky that the opportunity came when he had a ring in his pocket.

Kimmel asked Svendsen if she suspected anything, but she had no idea, which was pretty obvious from her reaction. “Either that or you’re gonna win the Emmy for best guest performance,” said Kimmel. What happens after proposing at the Emmys? “Are you gonna get married on the Oscars?” asked Kimmel. They have been enjoying their engagement and haven’t had much time to plan. At the end, we see that the couple’s been lying in a bed at the studios the whole time, and the host explained they “usually Airbnb that area.”