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Stephen Colbert Asked Bob Woodward Why He Buried the Best Part of Fear

On Monday, the night before the release of Fear, his new exposé of Trump’s White House, Bob Woodward went on The Late Show to discuss his book with Stephen Colbert. Colbert questioned how he could count on the accuracy of his various accounts given that Trump, he joked, “may or may not remember what his idea was yesterday.”

But Colbert quickly moved on to the already famous last scene of Fear, where John Dowd, Trump’s former lawyer, supposedly stages a practice interview to prepare the president to testify in the Mueller investigation. Dowd, of course, suggests Trump could end up in an orange jumpsuit. But Colbert suggests Woodward actually “buried the lede” in the decidedly profane final line of the book, which he proceeded to read on air.

Woodward shrugged when Colbert asked how he feels when Trump tweets about him. Quoting Ben Bradlee, the Washington Post editor during the Watergate scandal, he said: “The truth emerges. And the truth will emerge on this too.”