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The Honest Trailer for Deep Blue Sea Will Bite You Clean in Half

Once every couple of years, a film comes along that jolts the country awake, redefines a genre, and really makes us think. Deep Blue Sea, the 1999 shark thriller, that starred Samuel L. Jackson, LL Cool J, and Saffron Burrows, did not do any of those things. It follows a group of scientists in an underwater facility who are doing research on Alzheimer’s disease and for whatever reason, they’re using sharks for the experiments. Somehow, they genetically engineer one shark to be super-intelligent and aggressive, which then wreaks havoc, trapping them in the facility and killing most of the crew. The plot is so convoluted, that you probably wouldn’t be able to explain it without looking it up (which I had to do, despite having seen the movie several times). So, imagine my surprise the title of this film was even uttered in the year 2018, much less, given a sequel. But, get this, it was.

If you’re having as much trouble wrapping your head around it as I am, here’s a breakdown from the good people of Screen Junkies, explaining what made the original so special.

As for the sequel, don’t go in expecting it to break any new ground, not that you would. The direct-to-video film, which came out in April, treads over the same plot, and somehow makes it even harder to sit through (it currently has a score of 11 percent on Rotten Tomatoes).

If anything, these films should make you feel a little more grateful for classics like the Sharknado series (which is about to release its sixth installment later this month), or the hoped-for classic The Meg, which comes out this week. At least they don’t even pretend to take themselves seriously. Maybe that’s something we could all learn from.