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Trevor Noah Wants to Know Why He’s the Only Black Celebrity Trump Isn’t Feuding With

Donald Trump is currently on vacation in Bedminster, New Jersey, which means he “has a lot of time on his thumbs,” as Trevor Noah pointed out on Monday night. The president insulted the intelligence of both LeBron James and Don Lemon on Twitter last week after James criticized the president during a CNN interview. “Trump calling someone the dumbest man on television is like R. Kelly singing about you locking girls up,” said Noah.

James and Lemon are hardly the only black celebrities that Trump has beef with: Since his election, Trump has attacked Frederica Wilson, Maxine Waters, Oprah Winfrey, Stephen Curry, and NFL players protesting police violence, to name just a few—and that’s not even taking his endless crusade against Barack Obama into account. “So once again, President Trump is feuding with a famous black person who dared to criticize him,” said Noah. “And now it’s got all this attention, which makes me wonder: What do I have to do? Why do you ignore me, Donald? Every night I’m out here. We even wrote a book.”