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The Full Frontal Team Will Not Let Sean Spicer Enjoy His Book Tour in Peace

Sean Spicer has a new book out, The Briefing, about his months as the White House press secretary, and he’s gotten pretty cozy with the left while promoting it. One person who is not on board, however, is Samantha Bee; on Wednesday night’s episode of Full Frontal, she accused Spicer of trying to “cash in” on his lies and his adversarial relationship with the media. And her team was not content to let any former member of the Trump administration enjoy the profits in peace.

Watch as various Full Frontal correspondents crash stops on Spicer’s book tour in multiple states, pretending to be fans and then asking him how he feels about profiting from lying to the American public or if he gets nostalgic watching Sarah Huckabee Sanders try to trick the press. But the pièce de résistance is a direct homage to a line from Spicer’s book where he calls the president “a unicorn, riding a unicorn over a rainbow.” Michael Rubens showed up to a Rhode Island country club dressed accordingly, and while he was escorted away by the police, it was worth it for the look on Spicer’s face alone.