Pre-Woke Watching

As a Black Gay Kid, I Saw My First Role Model in … Scary Movie. Oof.

When you watch old favorites years later, sometimes you realize how much you used to overlook. In Pre-Woke Watching, viewers revisit their personal classics and evaluate how they look now.

Spoof movies were huge in the early 2000s, and my personal favorite as a kid was the Scary Movie series. They were very dumb but also smarter than you might remember, and—for better or for worse—I related to Ray (Shawn Wayans), who was one of the first characters I saw on the big or small screen who was black and (maybe) gay. It was strangely thrilling to come across him, even in this lowbrow comedy.

But the depiction also made me wonder if other people might be less comfortable with my emerging sexuality than I was. In this episode, I explain how Ray and Scary Movie made me internalize some disturbing tropes about gay people when I was young. —Rob Dozier

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