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James Gunn Is Still a Hot Commodity Despite Being Fired by Disney

James Gunn at a Disneyland resort.
James Gunn. Handout/Getty Images

After being fired from his position as Guardians of the Galaxy director this July, James Gunn’s career is far from over. As the filmmaker navigates his complicated exit negotiations with Disney, many other big-name producers and executives are still interested, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

THR reportedly interviewed about 12 industry executives, although many chose to remain anonymous—Gunn is not allowed to consider other offers until his settlement with Disney is final. But several of the executives and producers expressed an interest in Gunn.


Many celebrities spoke out on Twitter after Gunn was fired, the result of a targeted campaign by far-right personality Mike Cernovich and others to resurface years-old Gunn tweets making light of pedophilia and rape. Gunn issued a public apology, and the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy has publicly supported him, with Dave Bautista going as far as to say he would not work on a third Guardians of the Galaxy that did not use Gunn’s already written script. (The latest reports suggest that the movie will in fact retain Gunn’s screenplay, although there is no indication he will be rehired as director.)

While others are still interested in working with Gunn, THR was told there is likely to be a several-month-long grace period for things to calm down before Gunn is hired on another project.