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New Disney Movies Will No Longer Stream on Netflix, Starting With Captain Marvel

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel. Marvel

Remember last year, when Disney announced that it would be starting its own streaming service? Well, the site is set to launch at the end of next year, and we’re beginning to learn more about what it might look like. The New York Times reports that in anticipation of the launch, Walt Disney Studios’ new movies will no longer head to Netflix, starting with Captain Marvel, which hits theaters in March 2019.

Keep in mind that that includes all future Marvel Studios and Star Wars films, and it might also include movies produced by 20th Century Fox, which was recently acquired by Disney in a merger. That would make Disney’s streaming catalogue even more massive, given that 20th Century Fox has produced over 300 films since 2000 alone, but a decision hasn’t been made public yet. Since the platform is aimed at families, no content with an R rating will end up on the site, but Disney also acquired Hulu through the Fox deal, so it’s likely its more adult content will find a home there.

Disney will also produce original content for the platform, including a live-action Star Wars series directed by Jon Favreau, and two Lucasfilm animated series, one of which is a continuation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The streaming service will also be home to an adaptation of the Timmy Failure books, with Spotlight director Tom McCarthy at the helm.

It’s worth noting that the Netflix Original Marvel series, like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, aren’t going anywhere, but pretty much everything else may be up for grabs, so if you’re not planning to sign up for Disney’s service, it’s time to start binging before titles start to disappear.