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Late Night’s Amber Ruffin Finds a Guilt-Free Way to Enjoy Woody Allen Movies and The Cosby Show Again

“Are you tired of trying to separate the art from the artist?” asks Amber Ruffin at the beginning of a new bit on Late Night with Seth Meyers. As more and more creators are publicly accused of sexual harassment and assault, listening to a Chris Brown song or watching a Woody Allen movie can be an uncomfortable reminder of those artists’ misdeeds. Fortunately, Ruffin, a Late Night writer who often ventures out from behind the scenes, has discovered a straightforward solution to those feelings of guilt: Throw both art and artist “in the garbage.”

Of course, that hasn’t been easy for fans to do, so Ruffin went one step further and remade art by problematic men, this time with herself as the star. “Am I the best singer, dancer, or movie-maker there ever was? No,” admits Ruffin. But at least she promises that no woman will ever wake up in her bed wondering how she got there, so you can enjoy Cliff Huxtable and Frank Underwood again, guilt-free.

The website at the end of the video,, redirects to, of all things, NBC’s page for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. With all of the other problems in Hollywood, it seems we’re finally ready to forgive the infamous hair muss.