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Remember ALF? He May Be Coming Back—In TV Show Form!

ALF sitting at a table.

Warner Bros. TV is in the early stages of developing an ALF reboot, TV Line reports. That’s right: If you didn’t get enough of the lovable, cat-eating alien life form during his four season, 99-episode run on NBC from 1986–1990, or during the two seasons of ALF: The Animated Series, or the two seasons of ALF Tales, or 50 issues of the ALF comic book, or the 1996 made-for-TV movie Project: ALF (featuring Martin Sheen and Miguel Ferrer) or ALF’s Hit Talk Show, you may get yet another chance to contract ALF madness (toxoplasmosis). The original show was created by Paul Fusco and Tom Patchett, but their involvement in the reboot is unclear; Warner Bros. is reportedly seeking a writer to head up the new version.

Shows from ALF’s era usually get more self-aware and edgier during the reboot process, and it’s easy to forget just how treacly television was back then. Check out the original opening credits for a refresher, and see how much smooth music and adorable child acting you can endure before your soul flees your body. (The current world record, 35 seconds, is held by Benji Gregory’s grandmother.)

Wait, no, sorry, it turns out that was the trailer to Permanent Midnight, the film adaptation of Jerry Stahl’s memoir about being addicted to heroin while writing for ALF. Here are the real credits:

Can they just do a Permanent Midnight reboot instead?