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This Conan Clip Gives Us a Chance to Put Both “Marvel Cinematic Universe” and “Batman” in a Headline, So Here it Is

Iron Man, Robin, Batman, and Black Panther sit at a cafeteria table.
Iron Man, Robin, Batman, and Black Panther team up at last. TBS

San Diego Comic-Con doesn’t officially kick off until Thursday, but the annual plague of previews, trailers, videos, pre-lers, trailviews, vidlers, and traileos vying to go viral has already arrived. And as it does every year, it’s brought along a nasty secondary infection of blog posts presenting those same videos to people who aren’t at San Diego Comic-Con. Some of the viral advertising and associated journalism to come out of the convention will succeed by being funny or interesting, but some will spread far and wide simply by providing an excuse to pack as many search-friendly terms into a single article as possible. Take this video from Conan:

This segment will naturally be of great interest to anyone googling any of the following terms, which we are including in this post to inform you, not to ensnare you:

• Aquaman
• Batman
• Black Panther
• Black Widow
• Comic-Con
• Conan O’Brien
• Cyborg
• DC Extended Universe
• Hall of Heroes
• Iron Man
• Iron Man pregnant?
• Iron Man pregnant how to know?
• Iron Man pregnant how to stop?
• Jughead
• Marvel Cinematic Universe
• The most ambitious crossover event in history
• Professor X
• Riverdale
• Robin
• Superman
• Thor

Whatever you happen to be searching for, we hope you found this post instead.