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Hang Up and Listen: The Fighting Cancer Beats Godspeed Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on the militarization of sports, Jaelene Hinkle, and professional flag football.

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In this week’s episode of Slate’s sports podcast Hang Up and Listen, Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Howard Bryant of ESPN to discuss the ever-increasing connection between sports and the military. Slate’s Christina Cauterucci also joins to talk about the U.S. women’s national soccer team’s controversial decision to offer a roster spot to defender Jaelene Hinkle, who aired her anti-LGBTQ beliefs on a Christian television show. Finally, Dom Cosentino of Deadspin talks about the rise of flag football as an alternative or supplement to the traditional game.

Here are links to some of the articles and other items mentioned on the show:

Hang Up and Listen’s weekly Paul Arnolds:

Stefan’s Paul Arnold: After watching a game played in an indoor soccer bubble in Reykjavik, Stefan is a big fan of Vikingur Reykjavik F.C.

Josh’s Paul Arnold: Mississippi State’s head football coach Joe Moorhead is a real “ball coach.”

On this week’s Slate Plus bonus segment, Stefan and Josh talk about Tiger Woods’ impressive performance at the British Open.

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