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It’s Been a Long Day, So Why Not Relax by Watching Trump Supporters Attempt to Explain the Space Force to The Daily Show?

Michael Kosta interviewing two Trump supporters.
Space Force, Away! Comedy Central

Of all of Donald Trump’s dumb ideas, the only one that even comes close to the Brawndo-fueled fun we were led to believe would follow the election of a reality-star president is the Space Force. (“Force! It’s what space craves!”) But what is the Space Force? To find out, The Daily Show sent correspondent Michael Kosta to interview the experts: Trump supporters waiting in line to attend his deranged rally in South Carolina.

Laughing at Trump supporters for being suckers will only do so much to fix the mess we’re in, i.e., nothing at all, but the segment is worth watching anyway for the amazingly pure paranoia on display in one Trump supporter’s explanation of why the Space Force’s purely hypothetical space exploration duties weren’t already covered by NASA:

NASA is only gonna tell us what they want us to know, whereas I think Trump will send his own stuff and we will find out the truth. … Trump’s his own man, and he’s gonna tell us the truth about what’s out there.

That’s halfway to being a particularly chilling Contemporary Monologue for Young Actors. Imagine the intricate juggling act that must be necessary to keep all these thoughts simultaneously aloft in the mind; how much information you’d have to consciously avoid, over the course of an entire lifetime, to simultaneously believe that Trump is independent, Trump is honest, NASA is lying about aliens, and it’s a great idea to talk about politics with TV reporters you don’t know. The structure of interlocking delusions is as intricate as a wasp’s nest, nearly as friendly, and seems completely impenetrable to the outside world. That’s right: Trump supporters have somehow acquired the engineering skills we’ll need to build America’s Space Force.