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The Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery’s Second Season Abandons the Angst and Lightens the Mood

Star Trek: Discovery’s first season was bold, changing up the look and feel of the franchise under the watchful eyes of its meticulous fans. It was ambitious, squeezing an entire war into a tightly serialized season. It was complicated—yes, sometimes a little too complicated—throwing some head-scratching science and wild plot twists at viewers. But was it … fun?

While there were certainly some fun moments in Season 1 of Discovery (the actors leaning into their Mirror Universe roles, the classically Trekkian time loop episode, any scene with Mary Wiseman) it’s not an adjective I would use to describe the season as a whole, which was consistently dark and occasionally dragged. And yet the first trailer for Season 2, which is set to air in early 2019, is pretty much all fun, promising a comparatively rip-roaring adventure that brings the crew into the path of Christopher Pike of The Original Series, played here by Anson Mount, and introduces a couple of new faces, including a wisecracking Tig Notaro as a Starfleet engineer.

Not even the possibility that Spock (!) might be in some kind of danger can kill the buzz, and it’s nice to see some more camaraderie among the survivors of the first season as they jam their way through the stars to “Fly Away.” The mood-lightening extends to the visuals, too, with Pike’s throwback yellow uniform providing a pop of color at odds with Discovery’s aesthetic, which favors low lighting and a cooler, more modern color palette.

The shift in tone could signal substantial changes to Discovery under new showrunner Alex Kurtzman, or maybe whoever cut the trailer was just in a good mood. Still, it’s nice to think that we’re in for a little more levity when Discovery returns—which will be sooner than expected, according to news out of San Diego Comic Con. While the new season doesn’t officially start up again until next year, Variety reports that CBS All Access will be releasing four character-focused mini-episodes on a monthly basis to tide fans over in 2018.