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Here Comes the Pitch

The new season of the music documentary podcast Pitch takes listeners behind the music of ISIS, blacklist jazz, Carnival, and more.

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The music documentary podcast Pitch, produced by Alex Kapelman and Whitney Jones, is returning after a three-year hiatus.

Nine new episodes immerse in subjects including the music of ISIS, the hip-swaying, female-empowerment dance songs of Carnival, and blacklisted 1950s jazz musician Hazel Scott.

“Her story is amazing,” Whitney Jones tells Kurt Andersen about Hazel Scott. “She grew up with jazz legends just in her house. They were friends of her mom—Billie Holiday, Art Tatum, Lester Young—these were people she was just around as a kid and learned to play piano from.”

Kurt talks with Jones about the making of the new season, their partnership with Audible, and the interplay between politics and music.

This podcast was produced by Studio 360’s Jocelyn Gonzales.

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