Pre-Woke Watching

No, My Life Is Not Just Like The Kids Are All Right

As the child of lesbians, I was thrilled by the movie. After I met my sperm donor, I saw it much differently.

When you watch old favorites years later, sometimes you realize how much you used to overlook. In Pre-Woke Watching, viewers revisit their personal classics and evaluate how they look now.

When I first saw The Kids Are All Right, I was thrilled to see a movie depict a family just like mine. My younger brother and I were raised by two moms, who each used the same sperm donor to conceive us. The movie picks up when the kids meet their sperm donor. I was 15, and I felt seen in a way I rarely had before.


But nearly five years ago, I met my own sperm donor. And as the movie continued to follow me around (“Your life must be just like The Kids Are All Right!”), I started to realize its take on the stability of this family is questionable at best. As explained in this video, I now wonder if the movie has done damage to how people view families like mine.

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