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Return to the (Relatively) Blissful Ignorance of Two Weeks Ago With Time-Traveling John Oliver

Last Week Tonight is on a break until July 29, but in the meantime, the show has released a short web exclusive to tide viewers over until its return. Host John Oliver, in introducing the video, revealed that it was filmed two weeks earlier. “I don’t know what awful things have happened in the world since July 1,” he said, speaking to his future audience. “Envy me. I honestly don’t know. I’m actually living in the past. The thing that you’re thinking right now? I don’t know yet, and it’s absolute heaven.”

That’s right, Oliver is communicating with us from, if not necessarily a better time, then at least a comparatively simpler time, because the segment was taped way back before Trump named Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court nominee, before we learned that the administration is preparing for possible additional child separations at the border, and before the Mueller investigation indicted 12 Russians for interfering in the 2016 presidential election. When Oliver filmed this segment, Trump’s U.K. visit was still far off on the horizon, the Thai cave rescue hadn’t even begun, and Scott Pruitt was still the head of the EPA.

That’s right, all of that has happened this month, and I haven’t even mentioned the World Cup or what’s going on with Sacha Baron Cohen. So enjoy the Last Week Tonight clip, which features unused graphics that didn’t make it into the final broadcast. Chuckle at the Photoshop of Ivanka Trump as the mom from Get Out and try to come up with your own name for a squirrel journalist. Christiane Acorn-pour? Hunter S. Tail-son? Ann Scurry? Mostly, though, just enjoy spending three minutes in a time before the NATO summit or Stormy Daniels’ arrest.