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Kacey Musgraves Tells Workplace Harassment to Giddyup in the Video for “High Horse”

Kacey Musgraves, the future of country music, has released a new video for her song “High Horse.” Like the song itself, which blends disco queen vibes with country twang, the video is a mashup, alternating between a killer karaoke party and an office day dream. And not just any office, but a throwback full of ’70s-style burnt orange, wood paneling, popped collars, and plenty of smoking—not to mention some sleazy male co-workers, complete with bad combovers.

There are some subtle nods in the video to the #MeToo movement, as one creepy, mustachioed colleague tries to put his arm around Musgraves and sips from a coffee cup branded with the words “Mustache Rides.” But Musgraves’ character confidently dismisses his behavior, singing “I think we’ve seen enough.” Later, she fantasizes about a lavish after-hours karaoke party, then riding off on a high horse of her own before being snapped back to the reality of her office job.

Musgraves latest album, Golden Hour, is available to stream.