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The Movie Rights to Hamilton With the Original Broadway Cast Could Sell for More Than $50 Million

Phillipa Soo, Christopher Jackson, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Anthony Ramos wear American Revolution costumes.
Follow the money and see where it goes. Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

The Wall Street Journal reports that the rights to a recording of Hamilton on Broadway, starring the original cast, are currently up for sale. To be clear, these aren’t the rights to adapt Hamilton for the big screenjust the rights to distribute a pre-existing recording of the show made in 2016, when creator Lin-Manuel Miranda was still playing the titular role. Studios that have expressed interest in screening the performance in movie theaters (or streaming it online) include Netflix, Twentieth Century Fox, and Warner Bros., which recently shelled out for the film adaptation of Miranda’s pre-Hamilton claim to fame, In the Heights.

Whoever wins the bidding war will have to hold onto the recording for a while before sharing it with the public, since the sellers are reportedly asking that it be held for 2020 or 2021,”giving the show at least two more years during which it can only be seen on stage.” And the cost will be much more than their patience: WSJ also reports that, according to sources familiar with the deal, the rights could sell for more than $50 million. That’s a lot of Washingtons on your side.