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Feline Fanatic Taylor Swift to Join Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen in Movie Version of Cats

Taylor Swift on the red carpet smirks into the camera.
On brand. Lisa O’Connor/Getty Images

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats is one step closer to slinking into movie theaters: Tom Hooper, who has some experience directing a big-screen Broadway adaptation (for better or worse) with Les Misérables, will bring the show to the big screen in a star-studded movie adaptation. Those stars so far include Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, Ian McKellen, and, in a very appropriate bit of casting, Taylor Swift.

Lee Hall, who wrote the screenplay for Billy Elliot, will adapt Cats for the big screen, and Hudson will reportedly play Grizabella, which means she’ll also get to sing Cats’ most famous song, “Memory.” The other actors’ roles have not yet been announced.


Swift is best known as a musician, of course, but she has a little bit of acting experience under her belt, most recently in The Giver. (Though you could certainly argue that her best performances have been in her music videos, which require a certain flair for the dramatic.) But what best qualifies Swift to put on a pair of whiskers and a tail is her devotion to her own cats, Meredith and Olivia, who have their own line of merchandise and are regularly stars themselves in Swift’s social media posts.

Fellow feline fanatics Mandy Moore, Lea Michele, and Amanda Seyfried are probably all on the phone with their agents as we speak.