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Beyoncé Wants to Film Her Next Video at the Colosseum, According to Reports

Beyonce on stage at Coachella.
Queen Bey is trying to book a piece of the Roman empire. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Following her instantly iconic “Apeshit” video set at the Louvre in Paris, Beyoncé is searching for her next music video venue—and this time she’s eyeing the Colosseum in Rome, according to reports out of Italy. But even a queen can run into scheduling difficulties.

Beyoncé reportedly inquired about shooting a video in the Colosseum between July 7 and July 8, in between her and Jay-Z’s concerts in Milan and Rome. But the request was too last-minute for the Ministero dei Beni Culturali (Ministry for Cultural Heritage), who explained to Il Messaggero that Beyoncé’s request was denied due to short notice. “We need the necessary cautions and technical inspections to evaluate the quality and the impact of the project,” the Ministry said in a statement to the Italian newspaper.

It also so happens that the Colosseum was already booked on those dates by Italian scientist and journalist (and sex symbol) Alberto Angela, who had a speaking engagement at the Anfiteatro Flavio, exactly where Beyoncé wanted to film.

According to L’Huffington Post, Beyoncé has not been discouraged and will continue to look into filming at the ancient location.