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Alex Trebek Suggested This Former Civil Rights Lawyer as His Possible Jeopardy! Replacement

Who is Laura Coates?

Laura Coates on air during The Laura Coates Show.
Laura Coates in Washington on Oct. 19, 2017. Larry French/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Could the next face of America’s favorite game show be a black woman?

After 34 years on Jeopardy!, host Alex Trebek has hinted that his impending retirement is more than likely. Trebek’s contract expires in 2020, and the host told TMZ he’s leaning more and more toward giving up the esteemed position. The 78-year-old Trebek nominated Laura Coates, a multitalented CNN commentator, as one of his possible replacements.

Coates took to Twitter to celebrate the fact that the host of her “fave game show ever” has followed her career.


Coates often appears on CNN as a legal analyst with a background in civil rights law. She’s also the host of her own radio show and an adjunct law professor at George Washington University School of Law. In 2016, she published her first book, You Have the Right: A Constitutional Guide to Policing the Police.

Trebek also named NHL announcer Alex Faust as a possible replacement, but the prospect of another white male host doesn’t seem nearly as exciting.