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The Honest Trailer for A Quiet Place Refuses to Be Silenced About the Movie’s Plot Holes

You might want to turn up the volume on your computer, because this Honest Trailer will be a little quieter than you’re used to. Screen Junkies’ latest installment in their video series tackles A Quiet Place, the horror movie directed by and starring John Krasinski. Fittingly, the Honest Trailers’ regular narrator, known as the Epic Voice Guy, delivers his usually booming voiceover in a Batman-like, growling whisper—and he has an Epic ASL Guy on hand to interpret his commentary.

The Honest Trailer has a bone to pick with the internal logic of A Quiet Place, including why some sounds, like footsteps, might attract monsters, while others, like snapping fingers, are apparently fine. (For what it’s worth, the movie’s sound designers have described their process for adjusting sound levels as mostly intuitive.) He does make a good point, though: If the waterfall in the movie is loud enough to mask people yelling, why don’t the characters just live there?

Maybe, as the Honest Trailer posits, John Krasinski didn’t want to give up his dad paradise, “where a father of three children can finally get some peace and quiet, with plenty of time for fishing, farm-to-table meals, and a man cave full of TVs that your kids are not allowed to enter.” Must be nice.

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