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What Would You Like To Know About the Trailer for Insane Robots?

A big video game robot saying "You Asked Questions" in a speech bubble.
That is one stately, plump robot. Playniacs

What parallel trailers did Bloom and Stephen watch at Slate Dot Com?

Starting united both at zero minutes zero seconds, they pressed play in the order named: the Playstation 4 “Narrative Trailer” for Insane Robots:


Then, at increased volume, the Xbox One “Narrative Trailer” for Insane Robots:


Of what did the duumvirate of digital videos discuss?

Robots, insanity, insane robots, the Arena, malfunctions, the influence of the gaslight or the light of arc and glowlamps on the growth of adjoining paraheliotropic trees, robot combat, the wisdom of asking questions of robots who seem to oversee robot combat arenas, the maleficent influence of 8-bit art, Stephen’s collapse.

Did Bloom discover common factors of similarity between the Playstation 4 trailer and the Xbox trailer?

Both were nearly frame-by-frame identical. Both described a game in which insane robots battle in an arena. Both indurated by early Nintendo gaming and an inherited tradition of rote replication duplicated many orthodox video gaming tropes.


Were the trailers at some points divergent?


The Playstation 4 trailer dissented openly from the Xbox trailer on the matter of the release date. While both trailers contain the text “From Jul 10, 2018,” the original filename for the Xbox trailer asserts covertly that the game will be “OUT ON XBOX ON JULY 13, 2018.”

Was there one point on which the trailers were equal and negative?

Whether to play Insane Robots on Xbox One or Playstation 4.

What form did the trailers for Insane Robots take?

The form of a catechism, in which a malfunctioning robot asks existential questions of an authoritarian robot whose answers make it clear that the robot will soon be fighting for its life in the Arena, while remaining frustratingly coy about the nature of that Arena.


To what inconsequent polysyllabic question of its readers did Slate Dot Com return a monosyllabic negative answer?

If it seemed like a good idea, in retrospect, to write about the trailer for a video game called Insane Robots in imitation of the Ithaca episode of Ulysses, just because both have a lot of questions in them.

In what order of precedence, with what attendant ceremony was the exodus from the bad idea for a post about the video game Insane Robots to the wilderness of the rest of the internet effected?

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What spectacle confronted them when they, first the author, then the readers, emerged silently, embarrassed that it would ever appear in their browsing history, from the webpage in which two versions of the trailer for Insane Robots were discussed in an imitation of James Joyce’s imitation of the catechism?

The homepage of Slate hung with humid nightblue links.