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Trevor Noah Compares the Feud Between Trump and Trudeau to Pusha T and Drake

Each year, the United States and its ally countries come together for two days of meetings at the G-7, or, as The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah called it, “the world’s most boring sleepover.” This year, Donald Trump made headlines for asking that Russia be reinstated to the original G-8, after “something happened” and the country was kicked out—that something being the annexation of Crimea.

Trump’s repeated requests for Russia to be included come in the midst of an ongoing investigation into the country’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. Noah wryly compared Trump’s insistence to a man telling his girlfriend that the woman he has been accused of cheating with should come to a party with them.

But that wasn’t the only controversial headline out of G-7. Trump also brought some turbulence into the United States’ relationship with Canada after he “went all Pusha T” on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as Noah said in reference to the rapper’s searing diss track about Drake. Trump accused Trudeau of lying about tariffs during a press conference. “So, Trump went into the G-7 for a run-of-the-mill check-in with America’s allies, and then came out full-on beefing with Canada, the ‘Ned Flanders’ of countries,” Noah said.

If it seems impossible for international affairs to get any more ridiculous, think again. Noah ended the segment with a clip from Trump’s economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, telling CNN that, somehow, the entire spat was really about North Korea.