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Trevor Noah Wonders If Fox and Friends Is Really the Only Way to Catch Trump’s Ear

Does Donald Trump ever see his family in real life?

According to Trevor Noah, it seems questionable. The Daily Show host riffed on Donald Trump Jr.’s underwhelming birthday wish to his father, which materialized in the form of a short aside during a Fox and Friends appearance. “We love you and I hope to see you soon,” Trump Jr. said to end his message. Turning back to the Fox and Friends hosts, he added, “’Cause I don’t get to see him much anymore, that’s the only problem.”

“That is so sad,” Noah said after playing the clip, trying to hide a smile. “You realize Trump’s son knows the only way his father will see him is if he goes on Fox and Friends.” He also envisions Melania Trump making an appearance to communicate with her husband. “Donald, please stop leaving the toilet seat up,” Noah said in a loose attempt at a Slovenian accent.

If Donald Trump was watching his son on Fox and Friends, Noah added, it’s only a matter of time before he tweets a happy birthday wish to himself.