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Seth Meyers Annotates Trump’s Latest “Spectacularly Unhinged” Rally

Seth Meyers.
Weirder and weirder.

“President Trump held one of his weirdest rallies yet,” begins Seth Meyers’ most recent “Closer Look” segment, and it’s hard to imagine how any 12-minutes of video could possibly live up to that opening clause, given how weird Trump’s rallies have always been. But somehow Meyers lands the plane, because this really was a weird, weird, weird rally from our weird president:

The montage of bizarre moments from Trump’s rambling speech is genuinely shocking, which in one sense is reassuring—the old norms and expectations haven’t been completely destroyed if Trump’s stupidity still has the power to shock—but on the other hand, this guy is president, so it’s kind of a mixed blessing. The long take of Trump talking about the Space Force, in which you can practically see the rusty clock-spring unwinding in his skull, goes from funny to terrifying and back to funny. And that’s before Trump starts talking about David Lynch or the “Tallahassee Trail” and things get really off the rails.

Meyers does an able job of making fun of Trump’s deranged ramblings, but the extraordinary thing is just how much material there is to draw from here. Seeing just how long Trump can careen from topic to topic is like watching an anthill excavation: whatever is happening inside his brain is much more intricate than you’d expect, but also much grosser. And again: This is just one rally. Things are gonna get a whole lot weirder before they start heading back to normal.