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Roseanne Barr Adds “Low IQ” People and Rod Serling to List of Justifications for Racist Tweet

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 27:  Roseanne Barr speaks during SiriusXM's Town Hall with the cast of Roseanne on March 27, 2018 in New York City.
Roseanne Barr.
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Just a couple of days after Donald Trump called Robert De Niro a “Low IQ individual” over the actor yelling “fuck Trump” at the Tony Awards, one of the president’s most vocal celebrity supporters has also picked up on the insult. Roseanne Barr, whose ABC show was canceled over her racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, is now parroting some of Trump’s favorite talking points to defend herself, including the claim that she has never practiced racism in her life, which recalls Trump’s own assertion that he is “the least racist person.”

Barr also suggested on Thursday that it is only “low IQ” people who would interpret describing a black woman as “Muslim Brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby” as racist. The real explanation is apparently much deeper:

This explanation, of course, contradicts Barr’s original apology for the tweet, in which Barr openly acknowledged she was taking a shot at Jarrett’s appearance: She literally said that she was “making a bad joke about [Jarrett’s] politics and her looks.” Barr defended herself in the immediate aftermath of the controversy by saying she did not know Jarrett was black; curious that she did not bring up the possible connection between Planet of the Apes and Judaism at that time, almost as though … she hadn’t thought of it yet.

Low IQ people and Rod Serling’s screenwriting join Ambien and Memorial Day on the growing list of entities that Barr has used to justify the racist tweet over the past two weeks. The one person whose name you will not find on that list of people responsible for what Roseanne Barr said is Roseanne Barr herself.

Update, June 14, 3:35 p.m.: In another, now-deleted tweet, Barr linked to a 2009 article about Serling in Jewish Currents. That article, “Rod Serling and the Conscience of a Generation” now has an update at the top that reads:

Roseanne Barr linked to this article on June 14, 2018 in an apparent attempt to suggest that she is not a racist, after being fired from her namesake network TV show for a tweet likening former Obama aide Valerie Jarret to a character in the film “The Planet of the Apes.” Nothing in this article suggests that that wasn’t racist. To be clear, it was very racist.