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This Honest Trailer Correctly Labels The Incredibles’ Villain “a Perfect Prediction of Today’s Entitled Fan Culture”

The Incredibles, like so many of Pixar’s best movies, is both a fun-filled, family-friendly adventure and an unexpectedly dark, sophisticated exploration of themes you weren’t expect to find in a kids’ movie. In this case, though, Brad Bird may have taken that last aspect a little too far—at least, according to Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailer. The trailer’s narrator points out that despite the PG rating, The Incredibles shows an attempted suicide in action, a hero who threatens a woman in pretty graphic terms, and a surprisingly high body count.

That’s all without even mentioning the movie’s villain, Syndrome (a.k.a. “Phony Stark”). The fanboy-turned-wannabe superhero is “a nerd who loves something so much, when it didn’t live up to his expectations, he declared war on it.” Sounds kind of familiar, huh?

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