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Between Two Ferns Returns With Cardi B Crashing Jerry Seinfeld’s Interview

Zach Galifianakis is rarely impressed by the people he interviews on Between Two Ferns, but he was positively tickled to have rapper Cardi B on the show. Too bad she wasn’t supposed to be there. Funny or Die’s fake cable news program returned on Thursday with yet another uncomfortable interview, this time with comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who traded barbs with Galifianakis and defended Bee Movie against the suggestion that it should have been called D- Movie instead.

Galifianakis saved his harshest jokes for Seinfeld’s TV shows, asking “what’s next for lazy, car-based non-comedy” about Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and calling Seinfeld “a real launching point for whites.” For his part, Seinfeld was unenthused, refusing to play along with a cameo from Wayne Knight, who famously played Newman.

Seinfeld did look genuinely surprised by the arrival of another guest, Cardi B, when she showed up more than halfway through the interview. She even got a hug from him, which, he noted, is more than Kesha got on the red carpet. Galifianakis made his preference between the two guests known immediately, kicking Seinfeld over to a seat so out of the center of the shot that Galifianakis observed he’d be better off on a show called To the Right of a Fern.

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