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Avengers: Infinity War Passes the $2 Billion Mark at the Global Box Office

Benedict Wong, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey Jr.
Marvel Studios

Avengers: Infinity War continues to avenge its way to box office records. The superhero blockbuster, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, has earned more than $2 billion worldwide as of Monday, after just 48 days in theaters. That total was helped along by a record-smashing global debut: Infinity War brought in an estimated $630 million in its first weekend alone.

Infinity War shares its $2 billion achievement with Avatar, Titanic, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and its financial success bodes well for audiences’ interest in the next Avengers movie, scheduled for release in May 2019. In that respect, Disney’s Marvel outings are faring better than Star Wars, the latest installment of which underperformed at the box office.

Thanos would probably have preferred that Infinity War’s box office total had stopped at $1 billion, but I’m sure the executives at Marvel Studios are more pleased.