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Does 13 Reasons Why’s Second Season Try to Revise Too Much of the First?

Four critics discuss Netflix’s high-school mystery drama in spoiler-filled detail.

Dylan Minette in 13 Reasons Why.
Dylan Minette in 13 Reasons Why. Netflix

On the Spoiler Special podcast, Slate critics discuss moviesthe occasional TV show, and, once in a blue moon, another podcast, in full spoiler-filled detail. In this week’s episode, Marissa Martinelli spoils Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why with Veralyn Williams, Lena Wilson, and June Thomas. Does the new season successfully expand on Jay Asher’s novel? How are we supposed to keep track of all these characters? And what should we make of that uncomfortably timely finale?

Listen to them discuss these and other questions below. You can also check out past Spoiler Specials. Listen to Slate Spoiler Specials via Apple PodcastsOvercastSpotifyStitcher, or Google Play.

Note: As the title indicates, each installment contains spoilers galore.


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