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Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon Stop by The Tonight Show Before Covering the Royal Wedding

Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon are going to cover the royal wedding for HBO as “broadcast legends” Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan, and stopped by The Tonight Show in character Wednesday night to talk about it. Their interview with Fallon is a case study in the proposition that some comedians are at their funniest while improvising: The pre-planned bits, like Cord and Tish’s present for Prince Louis, aren’t half as funny as Shannon razzing Fallon when Saturday Night Live gets mentioned:

And you, Jimmy, you were on the show! How did you keep a straight face?

“I was known as the Iceman,” Fallon tells her. In fact, all three actors keep breaking throughout this entire segment, but their laughter is loopy and contagious instead of distracting. The Royal Wedding: Live With Cord and Tish! should have no trouble inspiring similarly loopy laughter, at least for people who stumble out of bed to watch it live: It airs at 7:30 Eastern time on Saturday morning.