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Ron Howard Narrates a Hilarious Star Wars/Arrested Development Crossover

You might not get Star Wars Day off from work, but you can kick back and take in the Star Wars/Arrested Development crossover you never knew you wanted.

As Disney rev up their shilling for Solo: A Star Wars Story, they saw a perfect opportunity to use director Ron Howard’s iconic narrator voice. Arrested Development, which also rleased a remixed Season 4 on Netflix today, based much of its comedy on the wry contrast between its characters’ actions and its omniscient narrator’s knowledge. Now that model has been applied to Star Wars: A New Hope, complete with whistle-embellished Arrested Development title sequence.


Let’s face it: The Star Wars Golden Trio are fantastic and iconic, but they’re also two wheels short of a droid. If you ever wanted to see Ron Howard flatly shame Han, Leia, Luke, and Obi-Wan for their antics, this is a must-watch. Best moments include a montage of prequel Obi-Wan yelling “R-2!” after A New Hope Obi-Wan claims to have never owned a droid, as well as a series of Pete-Rose-sliding-head-first-into-second shots re: Luke and Leia.

However, the film and Arrested Development are both most accurately (and hilariously) summed up by this one character-narrator exchange:

Han Solo: I know what I’m doin’.
Narrator: He didn’t.