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Watch Donald Glover Give You a Tour of Lando Calrissian’s Millennium Falcon

Most Star Wars fans are approaching the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story with cautious optimism (if not outright cynicism), but there’s one thing we’re all undeniably psyched for: Donald Glover as young Lando Calrissian. The Atlanta star is about to hit the big screen this spring as Solo’s frenemy, and now a new promo video is offering us a look at Mr. Calrissian’s pad, a retro-fitted Millennium Falcon.

Glover walks through the elaborate set piece with all the dryness of TV’s foremost auteur on black paranoia doing a Disney promo. It’s like watching the most hilariously idiosyncratic episode of MTV Cribs you’ve ever seen, until … the cape room.

“I got every cape, ‘kay?” Glover says, before launching into a hilarious riff on Calrissian’s flowy wardrobe. “I got an everyday cape. Sister’s wedding cape. Intergalactic President’s Day cape.
This is just ‘if-someone-gets-cold … cape.”

I’m Glover also reveals some boyish excitement in the cockpit, where, apparently, lighting effects can create the sensation of hyperdrive IRL. After propelling the ship into the stratosphere, the actor heaves a contented sigh. “I never get tired of that.”