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Trump’s Weekend Twitter Rant Was So Long-Winded, Seth Meyers Had to Speed It Up

Late Night with Seth Meyers is always a treat on Mondays: Meyers has a hard enough time getting through a single day of Trump madness in the ten minutes or so he has for “A Closer Look” segments, let alone a weekend’s worth. A few days ago—on a Friday!—Meyers was reduced to just sitting on camera with his mouth open so late-breaking news could be digitally added; today he had to play with audio speeds just to make it through Trump’s weekend Twitter rant and unhinged demands. It doesn’t sound any better at a higher speed, but it takes less time.

The main focus of the segment is the recently-revealed meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Gulf States emissary, with a stopover at Donald Trump Jr.’s shifting and contradictory testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The testimony is funny in a very dry, deposition transcript sort of way, but the real highlight is the Photoshop of Stephen Miller as a gargoyle. Could the return of beloved characters Miller and Erik Prince mean that Meyers is pulling all the threads together as his long-running comedy about an alternate universe where Donald Trump is president heads towards its finale? One can only hope.