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Trevor Noah Regrets Wondering How Trump Could Possibly Make Discord in the Middle East Worse

Trump’s chances of making the “ultimate deal” for peace in the Middle East aren’t looking good, despite what The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah might have hoped. “To be honest, this is one of those issues where part of me was willing to give Trump a chance,” admitted Noah on Monday night. “I mean, Israel and Palestine have been fighting for 70 years, right? In my head, I was like, What’s the worst thing Trump can do?” Noah got his answer earlier that day, as the U.S. officially opened its controversial new embassy in Jerusalem while Israeli soldiers killed at least 52 Palestinians and wounded thousands of others during planned protests at the border.

While moving the embassy has exacerbated an already tense moment in Israeli-Palestinian relations, the decision, and Trump himself, have proved relatively popular in Israel. So popular, in fact, that an Israeli soccer team renamed itself in honor of the president, becoming Beitar Trump Jerusalem. “A lot of people don’t know this, but that team only won their league because James Comey stepped in and tripped a player on the opposing team,” joked Noah.

But Noah wrapped up the segment with a more serious sports metaphor. “If Trump wants to take Israel’s side, that’s his prerogative. But at least be honest about it,” he said. “Although America says it’s the referee, it’s basically shown up to Game 2 in a Cavs jersey, saying, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna be totally fair. Right, LeBron? Wink, wink.’ ”