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Why an Americans Writer Thinks Philip’s Actions in That Chicago Garage Were “Romantic”

Matthew Rhys as Philip in The Americans. He sits in a car looking haggard, with limp, dirty-blonde hair and a goatee.
Matthew Rhys as Philip in The Americans. Patrick Harbron / FX

Each week on Slate’s Americans podcast, June Thomas sits down with the creators, cast, and crew of The Americans as they reveal behind-the-scenes details about the making of the FX drama’s sixth and final season.

First, she talks with Sarah Nolen, who wrote Episode 7, “Harvest,” about why she sees Philip’s actions in the garage as “romantic”; why Philip and Elizabeth involved a random day laborer in the Chicago operation; and her career path from assistant to writer. Then we hear snippets from conversations with Noah Emmerich, H. Keith Melton, and Ian McLaughlin about key moments in this episode.

Note: This podcast contains spoilers and is meant to be enjoyed after you watch the episode. New episodes air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

Podcast production by June Thomas.