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Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump is “Living Proof That Karma Does Not Exist”

Stephen Colbert took network TV on a rare detour into nihilism on Wednesday night, using Donald Trump’s “spygate” conspiracy theory as a jumping off point for a powerful argument that nothing anyone says or does matters in the slightest anymore. Noting that tweeting “What goes around comes around” was a bold move for a bully like the president, Colbert called him “living proof that karma does not exist,” then broadened his scope:

Sorry to break it to you, Hindus! It’s a lawless universe, devoid of hope. The stars blindly run. The leash is off—let’s all go baby-slapping.


Colbert dutifully runs through the rest of Trump’s newest conspiracy theory, which he sums up like this:

They embedded a spy early on and paid him massive sums of money to sabotage the Trump campaign with false claims of Russian collusion in the press to help Hillary Clinton win. And then—and here’s the insidious part—they didn’t tell the press, and Hillary Clinton lost. So when Trump revealed this plot, he would seem like a desperate criminal spinning conspiracy theories to stop the walls from closing in! Nice try, Deep State—nice try.

It’s such a delightful skewering of the latest deranged conspiracy theory the President of the United States is spreading on Twitter that it almost eases the pain of watching the President of the United States spread deranged conspiracy theories on Twitter. To get the total, full-body numbness the Trump presidency requires, late night comedy alone won’t be sufficient. Maybe try some of that baby-slapping Colbert recommends?