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Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Leading Lady Gets Her Very Own Animated Short

This post contains spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

There’s a three-year time jump in Solo: A Star Wars Story in which Emilia Clarke’s character, Qi’ra, is unaccounted for. But thanks to a new installment in the animated Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, we have some idea of what her day-to-day was like during that period—and it includes turning the tables on overconfident bounty hunters. “Triplecross” sees Qi’ra, already a lieutenant for the notorious Crimson Dawn, outsmart both assassin droid IG-88 and the pirate Hondo Ohnaka, voiced by the legendary Jim Cummings.

The new short concludes the second season of Forces of Destiny, the Disney web series that’s geared toward a younger demographic than any of the Star Wars movies or even the other animated series. Qi’ra is the first of Solo’s original characters to get the spotlight; let’s hope that we’ll get to see Thandie Newton’s Val Beckett and Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s L337 in Season 3.

This season has also given us episodes pegged to The Last Jedi about Rey training on Ahch-To …

… and an interlude during Rose and Finn’s journey to Canto Bight.

Plus, Mark Hamill lent his voice earlier in the season to play a young Luke Skywalker, enjoying a good old-fashioned Yoda lesson on Dagobah: