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Rick and Morty Has Finally Been Renewed … and for 70(!) More Episodes

A still from the animated show Rick and Morty.
Get ready for 35 more hours of insanity. Adult Swim / Cartoon Network

After months of speculation and some public comments from Dan Harmon that drove fans into panic overdrive, Rick and Morty has finally been granted a fourth season–and then some. On Thursday it was announced that Adult Swim has renewed the beloved show for 70 more episodes as part of an overall deal with Harmon and co-creator Justin Roiland. (Update: The studio clarifies that this is a “long-term” deal, not an “overall” one.) There have only been 31 episodes total so far, so this rare move likely speaks to its wide popularity; the Season 3 finale delivered Adult Swim’s highest ratings, ever.

Rick and Morty is notable for its passionate and controversial fans, and this announcement must come as a (welcome) shock to those were convinced the show had been unjustly axed. More details are imminent, but for now, fans can kick back and revel in the promise of much more multiverse mayhem. Here’s Harmon announcing the news: