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Michelle Wolf Embodies Every “Strong Female Character” Cliché Imaginable in This Faux Netflix Trailer

Michelle Wolf’s new, weekly Netflix series just got extra meta. The streaming service’s latest promotion for The Break With Michelle Wolf is a trailer for a fake movie based on one of its own sorting categories, Featuring a Strong Female Lead. In the phony trailer, Wolf plays Cassandra, a pantsuit-wearing, hard-nosed businesswoman who embodies just about every stereotype about so-called “strong female characters.”

In this case, that means she’s not afraid to drink red wine, Olivia Pope style, while wearing a white pantsuit, and that she doesn’t have time for sleeping, eating, or romance. Instead, she’s busy taking on the Russian mob, the CIA, and the gun lobby, all nods to Jessica Chastain movies—which is appropriate, given that Cassandra’s “fiery personality” is supposed to be reflected by her fiery red hair.

“This character is as strong as any man,” the trailer’s narrator assures us. “Because it was originally written for a man, and we did a ‘find and replace’ for the name Cassandra.” It shows, screenwriters. It shows.