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Is Deadpool 2 High on Its Own Supply?

Three critics spoil the sequel to the surprise superhero smash.

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2.
Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2. 20th Century Fox

On the Spoiler Special podcast, Slate critics discuss moviesthe occasional TV show, and, once in a blue moon, another podcast, in full, spoiler-filled detail. In this week’s episode, Slate culture editor Forrest Wickman, Slate Brow Beat editor Sam Adams, and Slate editorial assistant Marissa Martinelli spoil Deadpool 2. Is this sequel funny, offensive, or both? Does the movie’s self-consciousness justify its occasionally lazy writing? How different is this from other superhero films, really?

Listen to them discuss these and other questions below. You can also check out past Spoiler Specials, and you can subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts. Note: As the title indicates, each installment contains spoilers galore.


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