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The Bluths Are Back in the First Arrested Development Season 5 Trailer

Arrested Development rolled out some interesting new, well, developments last week, just in time for Cinco de Cuatro—but it looks like May is just going to get better and better for AD fans. The Mitch Hurwitz Netflix series rolled out its first Season 5 trailer today. The gang’s all here, and they’ll all be on your TV/laptop/smartphone screens come May 29.

As the Bluths gear up to accept a self-appointed Family of the Year award, their collective narcissism reaches new heights. Lindsay is running for office, Maeby has gray hair, and Tobias is apparently concocting some Bluth-inspired performance art. Still, a lot is the same—most hilariously, Tobias is back to blue-ing, George Michael is still exploring his never-nude identity, and Michael is still constantly threatening to leave the family. Oh, also Jeffrey Tambor is still there. Yikes.

After Arrested Development’s befuddling return to TV with Season 4, expectations are somewhat lower for this next series (though, apparently, we were all just watching Season 4 in the wrong order). We’ll have to wait until the end of May to see if the comedy is back to its former glory. Until then, let’s all share a giggle over the now-much-more-famous Michael Cera’s metamorphosis back into the ever-timid George Michael.